A credit union is a great way to save as you are not just another customer like you are in a Bank. You will have a share in the ownership of the credit union, have a say in its operations and earn an annual dividend.

How to start saving with Manchester Credit Union

We are on a mission to make our members better off.

It couldn’t be simpler to save with us - you can save as much or as little as you like, either weekly, monthly or as often as you wish. Once you join us, you can pay into your MCU savings account in lots of different ways:

  • By standing order - once set up, watch your savings grow with no further action required!
  • Directly from your wages as a BEESMART Payroll Member.
  • With your membership card at any Paypoint or Post Office
  • Directly from one of your benefits, such as Child Benefit or Tax Credits.

Whether you are saving for a bigger family car, a major event such as a wedding or for your child, the sooner you start saving the better!

Apply online now to start saving today.

Why Save with Manchester Credit Union?

Peace of mind with free life savings insurance

Manchester Credit Union gives peace of mind to its members by providing free life savings insurance*. When a member dies, savings are doubled* and will be paid to a nominated beneficiary.

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*up to a maximum of £5,000 – conditions apply